Fall/Winter 2018 Lookbook: The Youths of the Suburbs

 The Youths of the Suburbs

The Youths of the Suburbs

Nowadays the kids wear all the same clothes, they are copies of other copies and they want only what influencers or blogs tell ‘em that is “ok” and socially accepted and with the birth of social media self expression is becoming more rare everyday.
Our mission is to be different from the masses (because masses are asses) and grow a different kind of consumer that can understand the product and appreciate the creative process behind it.
With this lookbook we tried to mix iconic streetwear brands like Carhartt WIP with new emerging brands such as Pleasures and ARIES with a touch of Nordic aesthetic by Très Bien and a sprinkle of Italian new wave with LIFESUX and of course we choose Vans and Converse as kicks.



Photographer: Gaetano Bellone

Models: Pietro13, Tony Ross Eaton, Luca Marchioni, Riccardo Zheng, Filippo Fabbri, Giacomo Piovra Cristoni, Nicola Bussolari

Styling: Giammarco Leo

Special thanks to: Sghino, Lemon & Monkey